It all started from our love for sneakers and of course for pearls! From our passion for mixing and matching pieces that usually you wouldn't put together. It soon became a symbol of differentiation for mixing comfort and elegance.

Along the way we realised that the reason why this mix was working, was confidence. Wear it with confidence and own it! It's us; the people wearing the clothes that make the clothes look amazing and not the other way around. Clothes exist to compliment who we are and not to define us. Style is not about how expensive or trendy an outfit might be, but it’s about the confidence and the aura of the person wearing it. Be individual and confident in yourself. Trends come and go, but YOU will stay!

Our goal is to push the known fashion boundaries and educate people how to be unique and comfortable in their own flesh.

We hope that these images and items will take you to places and get you inspired by parts of the fashion world and the wider world we absolutely love.

Enjoy the journey!